5 Simple Actions to Fostering a Long Distance Relationship with Your Sister


5 Simple Actions to Fostering a Long Distance Relationship with Your Sister

By Edith Berko

After all the hard work that my parents have done to foster an amazing relationship between her kids, 2019 is the most easiest time to maintain and foster a relationship with your sister who is miles away. In this article I will be giving you 5 simple steps to help with fostering a long distance relationship with your sister.


I have never been more than 3 months away from my sister without knowing the exact date of when I will see her again. However as we grow up and hit our twenty somethin’s, life takes us on very different paths. We would have loved to be just minutes away from each other. School has separated my sister and I for about 4 months now and will do so for the next 3 years. However, I am determined to make it feel like I am minutes away from her and vice versa.  Distance between two very close people can take a toll on you and there are some very simple things that one can do to help close the gap but it takes work.  


Cultivate a Friendship

We’re always changing and things are always happening in our lives. Don’t assume that things will be the same when you see each other again. Both of you are going through very different experiences and taking the time to share what you did, sending pictures of what’s going on, and sharing a random thought helps your sister feel like you are right there. They are not left out of your life. 

Have a Routine in Place

Having a routine in place helps each other still be a part of the other’s life. An example would be 10 minutes in the morning where you can talk on the phone or video chat and have breakfast together. 

Another would be 10 minutes in the evening where you update each other on your day before bed. If you are very busy, you can put aside 20 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for each other. Once again you want your sister to feel like they are a very important part of your life. So take the time out and catch up. 

Pursue a Common Goal

The best thing to keep each other in mind is to pursue a common goal together. This allows the two to have each other in mind as you parallel this goal across the world. You both can be working on achieving a certain workout goal together. You can maybe try learning how to cook certain meals or learn together. Read the same books at the same time and discuss them together. The purpose is to do the same thing across the globe together with each other in mind and being each other’s support system  through it all.

Pray Together

Not a common idea but have you heard the expression, a family who prays together stays together? Exactly! Your sister is your friend and is your family. If you pray together, share your struggles with each other and support each other, there is no way you guys can forget each other. It is the highest level of intimacy two sisters can have. That will forever keep each in one another’s heart. 

Send Gifts 

Even though you are so far away, sending gifts always makes the person feel cherished and special. Now you can order online from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to your sister wherever she is located. Imagine the look on her face when she receives an actual physical gift from you. That will melt their heart and just rank you higher in case you were forgotten in the first place. 

Don’t lose hope. You two will definitely reunite again and that will be a marvelous moment!