Adulting and Interior Design: What Every Millennial Needs to Know



By Sandy SaintilUs

Just bought your first home or moved into a new apartment?

Overwhelmed at the prospect of decorating it? 

You’re not alone.

Most people aren’t interior designers and have no idea how to put together a functional and cohesive space all on their own. Designing your home can be so daunting that you get paralyzed by decision making. Like a deer in the headlights, you don’t make a move to design anything and end up with a sparsely decorated home with items you don’t even like.

To avoid paralysis from over-analysis follow the tips below.

Interior Design Is Not As Expensive As You Think It Is

When you think of interior design you probably think of HGTV.

You’ve watched countless episodes of Property Brothers and Fixer Upper and are now thoroughly convinced you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home and tens of thousands to decorate it.

This is not the case.

Yes - design can be expensive, but E-Desgin services are super affordable.

E-design allows you to plan out each room in your home with a virtual interior designer. Through a series of questions, you can figure out your personal style, set a budget and get design ideas to help you decorate your space. All from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t just buy things at random when you first move into your space because trying to design your home without a plan can end up costing you more money in the long run. Instead try sites like Havenly, Modsy and Decorist. Depending on your budget services start at $19 and can go up into the hundreds if you want to skype and have calls with your designer. 

Start With Your Bedroom

When starting to decorate your home you might feel pressured to tackle the public areas of your home first. The living and dining spaces are often used by guests and you may want to make a good impression on your friends. My advice -- DON’T. 

It’ll feel good at first to have the public spaces decorated but by the time you get to your bedroom you’ll have depleted your energy for decorating, leaving you uninspired and unmotivated to do anything more than get the bare necessities for your bedroom.

Your bedroom is the last thing you see every night before you go to sleep and the first thing you see every morning when you wake up. Waking up in a space that was tailored just for you will give you a daily dose of rejuvenating energy to continue with designing the rest of your home. 

Bob The Builder Essentials

In your first home or apartment, you’re gonna need some tools.

We’ve talked about how affordable design can be and what room to start designing first, but who’s gonna put together all that furniture. 

Newsflash -- It’s you.

Furniture usually comes with an assembly kit but it’s better to air on the safe side and get this list of household essentials not only as a back up for furniture assembly but also for miscellaneous household tasks like changing a light bulb or cleaning a ceiling fan. 

Get a starter toolkit with the following:

  • Tape measure (you’ll need to know how big a room is before you buy furniture to put in it)

  • Screwdriver (with multiple heads to different kinds of screws)

  •  Level (to make sure your art is hanging straight on the wall)

  • Boxcutter (to safely open up all the packages you’ll be ordering)

  • Hammer & nails

  • Ladder (because we’re not all six feet tall)

  • Plunger (because of that Taco Bell you had at 2am)

Try these tips and tag @twentysomethinandblack and me, @sandysaintilus, so we can see your beautiful home!

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