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Author Turned Singer-Songwriter to Release her First Music Project: Feature Interview with Kia Marie

Kia Marie is a multiple award-winning songwriter, recording artist, poet and author committed to inspiring others through poetic storytelling. Through her work, Kia shows how you can bridge the gap between the dreams that we all have and the self-doubt we must overcome. She gives her listeners

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A Talk With Kara-Simone Craig: On Why Self-Love is Key to Finding Purpose and Success

You know how sometimes you get caught up scrolling through Instagram and then come across a random girl’s page, who’s page you can’t help but look at because she’s so fabulous? Well, Kara-Simone Craig is one of those women and that’s exactly how I stumbled across her.

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You Say You're Vegan, But You're Probably Plant Based: A Talk With Chelsea Williams (@ThatsChelsea)

Netflix’s “What the Health” documentary about the food industry has encouraged (what seems like) everyone and their cousins to venture into a vegan diet. As a Pescatarian, transitioning into a vegetarian lifestyle...

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