Feel Better in Your Body With an Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Anti-Inflammatory Diet

By: Sika Degbo (@sikadee)

I have long been a believer in the power of healthy foods and supplements as a key component of maintaining a healthy body. Whether I’m hitting the gym or not, I’m a stickler for having fruits and vegetables in the house (and multivitamins in case I forgot to eat them). I love looking up the benefits of certain foods and seeing how many vitamins and nutrients I’m getting from my meals. It wasn’t until I was reading a magazine which featured Kate Hudson touting her commitment to an anti-inflammatory diet, that I became interested in furthering my research.

Diets are all the rage right now and food intolerance is more prevalent than ever! There is the Paleo diet and Whole30 (which I’ve previously attempted and only lasted about 2 weeks). There are gluten-intolerances, dairy-intolerances, vegetarianism, and veganism. More and more people are taking their health into their own hands and curating the food that they eat around what feels best for their body. Eating a diet that reduces inflammation in the body just may be a fit for you.

Inflammation on its own is a natural and beneficial occurrence in the body. It happens when your immune system recognizes anything foreign and potentially harmful so that it can begin the healing process. Sporadic inflammation is completely normal but when it becomes chronic, it can lead to a number of diseases and discomforts in your daily life including arthritis, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, and even asthma.

To optimize your diet for reducing inflammation and increasing overall health, the key is to reduce or eliminate processed foods, refined starches, red meat, alcohol, and sugary foods. You then want to fill your meals with healthy fatty acids, antioxidants, and as much color as possible by including fresh fruits and vegetables!

Here’s what a day of eating an anti-inflammatory diet looks like:


*Anti-inflammatory star foods: Turmeric seasoning, Leafy greens, blueberries, fish, nuts, garlic, ginger, and chia & flax seeds


  • Plain water

  • Green tea or herbal teas (with optional honey to sweeten)

  • Golden milk latte (recipe here!)

  • One glass of red wine

  • Anti-inflammatory hot chocolate (recipe here!)


  1. 2 egg omelet with onions, spinach, and tomatoes seasoned with turmeric, rosemary, salt, pepper, and half of an avocado.

  2. Overnight chia pudding made with nut milk of your choice sweetened with banana and blueberries.

  3. A fruit smoothie of your choice. Try this blueberry one!


  1. Tuna sandwich on whole grain bread with apple slices dipped in a nut butter of your choice

  2. Kate Hudson’s favorite Coconut, Carrot, and Ginger Turmeric Soup (recipe here!)


  1. Ground turkey chili (with bell peppers, carrots, and onions) with a roasted sweet potato

  2. Salmon or tilapia cooked in extra virgin olive oil with cauliflower rice and broccoli. Make it tasty with plenty of garlic and spices. (try this recipe!)


  1. A bar or two of your favorite dark chocolate (the higher percentage cacao the better!)

  2. Fresh berries with greek yogurt and granola (recipe here!)

In addition to these delicious meals, getting regular exercise and a good night’s sleep are always staples for a healthy life. The better you feel, the more energy you have to go out and be the boss lady you were meant to be! Let us know if you have any other anti-inflammatory recipes that you love.