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Galentine’s Day: How to Make the Most Out of Valentine’s Day with your Besties

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Beautiful couples all over the world usually celebrate this holiday. However, some of us haven’t been swept off our feet by bae just yet, but who says we have to spend the holiday alone? Why not spend the day or the weekend with your single A1, Day 1’s? Here’s a list of

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Sis, You're Single... Not Sentenced

I remember vividly the evening my ex broke up with me abruptly. I was sure we were getting married based on our intentional courting. That night, it all fell apart and everything shifted in a way that was effective immediately. Little did I know at that time, in that moment, I had entered back into a life that would lead me to experiencing freedom and completeness beyond my expectations. To celebrate making it through a year of singleness, I want to share new perspectives and reflections to challenge the way people think about living a functional single person.

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