Life After Super Bowl LII (A Convo with Chanel Smith)


In this interview I’ll be chatting with Chanel Smith (@chanelsmith_22) on life after the Superbowl. Leave your thoughts below and thanks for reading! Chanel and Torrey Smith offer a scholarship opportunity to High school seniors, you must fill out FAFSA in order to qualify. Also, if you’re from Maryland or surrounding areas they’re having a charity basketball game starring professional athletes.

TSB: Being a mother of two, wife, mentor and philanthropist how did you structure your days during Super Bowl week?

CS: Super Bowl week this go round was completely different than the first. Last Super Bowl we had no kids, so I traveled out to New Orleans early and enjoyed the beautiful weather. This time I had 2 little ones tagging along to the freezing cold in Minnesota so I only traveled Friday- Monday. Things weren’t very structured at all. My kids are the most flexible kids on the planet given our crazy schedules. I spent the week preparing for travel, organizing our matching outfits, and coaching. Bedtime was whenever we got home, dinner was carryout most of the week, and by the end of the week I felt like it would be much easier to stay home and watch the game on TV lol. Traveling with kids is no fun…but we survived (hopefully you weren’t expecting some super pretty answer…it was far from pretty lol).

With all your responsibilities: What are some keys of wisdom you can share on how to stay balanced?

It’s funny that you ask this question. One of my goals this year is to find balance. I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Between Torrey’s schedule, home, non profit stuff, the kids, coaching, and party planning (I’m not an official party planner but somehow I’ve done multiple parties each month…Torrey will kill me if I do another), I’m always on the go. The key is prioritizing. It’s important to figure out which responsibilities come first and for me it has to be home, especially now that we have kids. When I struggle with balance EVERYTHING is thrown off and I realize that sometimes I have to say NO. Learning not to overextend yourself is the best advice I can give.

Have you and Torrey ever been long distance? How do you both manage to stay on the same page with hectic schedules?

Torrey and I have never been long distance (THANK GOD). Fortunately, for me, my husband is equally passionate about helping others as I am. He’s always traveling or making day trips to meet with our mentees. We just go with the flow. I understand that this time in our lives is always going to be hectic. We are building our house now and will be settled in one area soon. Until then our schedules will be untraditional.

Torrey received a lot of criticism from his CNN interview on skipping the White House visit. What’s your best advice on handling criticism?

Criticism comes with the territory of being a professional athlete or any public figure for that matter. Torrey handles it VERY well….aside from the few times a week I have to talk him out of having a twitter battle with random people lol. The biggest things for me is making sure that whatever he does or says is setting a good example for all of the young people looking up to him. I have to remind him sometimes not to let the negative energy or negative people for that matter get him out of character.

How do you support your husband through tough times?

How do I support him through tough times? I just remind him that we aren’t unique. Anything we go through someone else has gone through. We aren’t exempt from hardships. He won’t catch every ball, we will lose people we love, but at the end of the day we get through. We’ve been growing a lot in our faith too so that has helped a lot. We know everything we go through is bigger than us.

How do you and Torrey maintain great physique’s? Is dieting a major key? (Sidenote: I’m very jealous of your calves!)

Not sure what pictures you’ve been looking at but I have some work to do lol. When I look my best it's because of clean eating. Again, one thing that sucks about having a crazy schedule is not being able to cook consistently. When I eat out I never go for the healthy option. We won’t talk about Torrey. He can eat what he wants and not gain a pound (I literally just rolled my eyes typing this). I am starting back up with my workouts now that the track season has started. We’ve had a gym in our apartment complex for over a year and I can count on my hands how many times I used it. That’s going to change though lol.

Do you think it’s important for a professional players wife to also have their own hustle or hobby? Why?

I think it depends on the person. I was a teacher for 4 years before I stopped working to stay home with the kids. Some guys move team to team every year. It’s hard to have a steady job/hobby without stability. For me, I know once Torrey is done I’ll have the flexibility to do what I want. My main focus right now is the kids. As I mentioned I do a bunch of other things but part of that is being local (right now he’s in Philly, which is 20 mins from where I grew up).

Are there any specific goals lined up for you in 2018?

Oh my gosh YES! So many. My biggest goal is to write my first children’s book. Torrey and I have had the idea for years and we’re finally sitting down and making it happen.

Can social media get overwhelming for you?

Social media has been good to me. Sometimes I worry that I’m sharing too much of my life but my followers have been amazing to me. I had one of the hardest times of my life with my last pregnancy and my adopted Instagram aunties and cousins helped me through it. Every once and a while I pull back but I know that things I share (the good and the bad), impact people. If I can have a positive influence, why not do it?

Now that you’ve survived Super Bowl week, how do you feel now?

I honestly feel like I need two days of nothing but sleep. We haven’t stopped since Super Bowl and it's been almost a month.  Now we are preparing for our charity basketball game so I won’t get sleep any time soon.

Is there anything you’d like readers to know about you and your family?

What you see is what you get. We don’t sugarcoat for the Gram lol. We try to be as real and open as possible with hopes that kids will see a glimpse of normal people, living normal lives. There’s such a heavy focus on things that don’t matter.