Night Routines That Make for an Amazing Tomorrow

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We’ve all had those mornings where we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. This may come as a result of waking up to find that we’re late, or we wake up and feel unrested, causing our cranky mood to heighten as we scramble to get ready and rush out the door. Regardlesss of the reason, at this point the day already feels like a failure before it’s even begun.

These unpredictable instances can affect your morning, but for the most part cranky, rushed mornings can be prevented with a little planning - and that planning happens the night before during your preparation for (and even during)  sleep.

Below is a template for a night routine that will prepare you to sleep peacefully, wake up refreshed and put you in a positive mindset to tackle the new day.

Power off (or at least put away) blue-light screen devices

An online magazine entitled Well and Good, a site dedicated to providing tips on education on health and wellness, recommends setting a phone curfew to improve your sleep quality. They specifically suggest powering off at 9pm; but,  giving yourself one to two hours of “screen-free” wind down time before bed will do you some good. Instead of scrolling through Instagram to lull yourself to sleep, try reading a book or listening to soft music while preparing for the next day.

In instances when you NEED to check your phone right before bed, make sure your phone is on “Night Shift” mode (which switches the screen to a more yellow light) and keep it to a minimum.

Take a Hot Shower/Bath

I know some of us are night shower people, while others are morning shower people (personally, I’m a night shower person because I hate getting up early) but taking a hot shower prepares our bodies for sleep by heating up the body, and then providing a cool-down effect as we step out of the shower and dry off - promoting the powering down-effect that makes us sleepy. If time allows, while in the shower you can throw in an exfoliating scrub or body oil to relax even more.

Prep Your Necessities for the Day Ahead

If you’re a night owl like me, then  you can relate to wanting to do as few things in the morning as possible. To make things a little easier in the morning, prepare your lunch from the left-overs of that bomb dinner you cooked, or throw together some salad ingredients in your lunch box. Check the weather and choose your outfit for the next day to save yourself the mental power in the morning. Review your schedule and make sure you have everything you need either in your work bag or by the door (wherever you know you won’t forget it!)

Limber Up!

A couple of stretches before bed helps to relieve tension from the day and keeps your muscles loose. If you have enough time, do a calming before-bed yoga video (YouTube is full of them!) to really stretch out the kinks.

Tend to your Mind

Ending the day with gratitude journaling, meditation, or prayer are all great practices that will leave your mind in a positive state before drifting to sleep. I personally have a cute gratitude journal that I leave next to my bed, and love to pull it out to review the day to write down anything I enjoyed or was impacted by.

If it’s hard for you to think of things to write down, get creative! The point is to foster positive emotions. You could think of some of your favorite things or things you’re looking forward to. Ask empowering questions like: “what was my favorite part of today?” “What’s my favorite thing in my room?” “What event am I most looking forward to?” “What can I do tomorrow that will make me really happy?” etc. You can take it from here.

Drift off to sleep like a baby

The big finale! Cuddle up under your sheets 7-8 hours before you need to be awake and don’t underestimate how much time you’ll need in the morning (set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than you’ve calculated to stay on the safe side). Make sure it’s not too hot or cold in your room for you to be comfortable and sleep should come easy. When you wake up, you’ll feel amazing and be prepared to take on the new day like a pro!