7 Gym Must Haves


7 Gym Must Haves

By: Timoshanae Wellmaker

With all of the advice about going to the gym around the web what more could you need to hear, right? Well, from my own experiences I know that getting into the gym and getting your sweat on can be full of success stories. Whether it is your first time to the gym or your 100th, we’ve all got some kind of goal in mind when we make the commitment and follow through. This could range anywhere from dropping some pounds, gaining weight or even simply getting your sweat on for a little.

Whatever your #gymislife routine looks like- whether you are a veteran or a newbie- it might be helpful to check out the list of gym must-haves below to make sure your next time at the gym is as successful as it can be.


This is a key to a great workout. When you create your playlist, be intentional about not only picking songs you enjoy, but add songs that you cannot listen to and stand still. You want a continuous list of songs that will motivate you to go hard- and then harder, not songs that only make you want to sing along. Make it fun!



While this one might seem extremely obvious, I cannot stress the amount of times I’ve left my own headphones at home only to discover as I’m about to go for a run around the track. My advice here is to invest in a pair of headphones that are strictly gym headphones. That way you are less likely to leave them in that other purse you used yesterday. Thank me later.

Gym Bag


Getting into the habit of keeping a gym bag will push you to not only take your fitness more serious, but can also make it even easier to have everything you need for the gym. You don’t need anything fancy either, just find a bag that works for you.

Water Bottle

Now this is truly a must have. And one of the best things is that there’s no limit with what you can fill your water bottle with. Try spring water today, gatorade tomorrow and fruit-infused water later this week. There are so many options, the most important thing is to just make sure you stay hydrated.

Change of clothes

My advice is to always, alway, always keep a change of clothes in your gym bag. Even if you aren’t planning to show and do a full change at the gym, if you aren’t headed straight home to shower then you should at least aim to bring a pair of undergarments so you can get all of that sweat off of you as soon as possible. Your body won’t complain, trust me.


Depending on your style this could be in the form of an app or basic pen and paper. Whatever your preference, don’t forget to track your progress. Every little step you make towards your goals should be documented and celebrated, even if it’s just with a pat on the back.

Protective Style-ish

While protective styles are perfect for sweat time, and any other for that matter, we have to be realistic and face the fact that our most likely won’t always be in box braids or knotted up. So remember to grab a hair tie, headband or cute scarf to get your hair pulled back and out of your face.

Post-workout grub

Bring a plan with you to the gym about what’s going on with your tummy after this workout, that way you’re less likely to give in to that fast food drive-thru you’ll pass on your way to your next destination. Grab an apple, orange or something protein rich that will hold you over until your next meal.