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The Art of Letting Go: Keeping Your Joy & Adding Value

So, there’s this new show on Netflix, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. As it states in the title, it’s all about tidying up. It encourages you to decide what should stay with you and what should be let go. However, after cleaning up with a pile of clothes to prove it, I realized that I would soon be adding value into my life. How, you ask? By selling the unwanted items on eBay. Is the title making sense now? I let go of old items that I no longer needed, kept what gave me joy, and added value by making a profit.

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Key List of (Actual) Items You Need in Your Closet

Society and social media will tell you that it is essential to have the proper clothing and accessories to go out on the town, go to work, go on vacation, and to the gym, etc. The crazy thing about it is, we don’t truly need all this “stuff.” We can make what we have work for every situation

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