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Spring Cleaning Your Finances

As the weather warms up and we open up our windows for fresh air to come and the old stuffy air to go out. We get into it and clean all the difficult parts of the house. But there are areas in our life that also need cleaning – our finances.  It’s the time where we work on letting the negative numbers go out and bring in more positive ones.  It takes only a pen, paper, some number crunching, and the following tips to spring clean your finances.

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Loving Yourself: A Self Care Day

Your day of self care is a time where you can simply checkout, have some alone time, recharge and show yourself lots of love. The truth of the matter is, from time to time, you need to checkout to be the best version of yourself when you check back in. We can take on so many of life’s stresses that the recharge button is seriously necessary. Days go by so quickly that we forget to

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