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Twenty Somethin In The Water

As many of you may know, Twenty Somethin & Black had the amazing opportunity to go to the first Something In The Water music festival in Virginia Beach, VA to represent our unapologetic faith-based community. Something In The Water is a music festival that was orchestrated by Pharrell Williams and his AMAZING team to stimulate positivity, love, acceptance, and growth into the world through the unique lens of Virginia Beach. There wasn’t just Somethin In The Water, there was something in the air

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How to Spring Clean YOU: Inside and Out

This spring, it’s all about spring cleaning within ourselves. So much of the focus of spring cleaning tends to be getting rid of the physical things. People often go from room to room in their homes looking for things they no longer need, things they deem has reached its point of meaning in their lives and therefore needs to be let go. Well, sis,

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