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Thank You, Next: The Japanese Art of Tidying Up

I canʼt wait to get home every night. Not because the job was stressful, not because Iʼm tired; not because dinner is always bomb or because my show is in the queue. Can I tell you why!? Because I am absolutely in love with my space! I used to cringe at the thought of coming home because I didnʼt exactly qualify my space as being that; a home.

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To My Skinny Sistas

I never cared about my health or habits. I thought, “Well, if being skinny is the goal… I’ve already made it, right?” My big sister was the same way she was skinny as a fishing pole. After her first baby, she snapped right back to her beach bod without so much as stepping on a treadmill. However, it was when she had her second baby that started to gain weight. She became frustrated that she still looked nine months pregnant

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