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The Art of Emotional Allowance

We live in a world where being expressive about our feelings is viewed as being weak. It’s mocked, shunned, and even frowned upon. “Oh you’re being too emotional,” “stop crying all the time,” and “Suck it up” are all things children hear at some point when it comes to expressing themselves. As a result, it creates emotionless and emotionally unavailable adults. In more recent times,

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Defining Self-Love All 2019

Over the course of 2018 and going into 2019, I have been seeing an outpouring of #selflove articles or self-love quotes. You know, the ones that have you looking at your phone screaming “YASS SIS!” or “THAT is a WORD!” Trust me, I’ve been that woman scrolling through all of the self-love Instagram accounts mentally stimulating my brain on feel-good texts and saving relatable memes. As women, we

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