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How to Cut Back and Spend Better from Each Paycheck

The plan is to be able to debt free in a year, with me taking my car payment away from my mom (just being real), and able to spend money on myself occasionally with no concern. Here are some tips that have worked for me over these last couple of months, and allowed me to readjust my financial situation..

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Growing in Your Career after Graduation

I've been learning since I've started working in October that you cannot allow yourself to settle in a job, no matter what the outcome may look like if you don't especially if it's not in your career. In order to know the right path for your career, you truly have to dig deep into your relationship with God and be open to the change that he places in your life. This past March, my ending date for my temporary job was coming

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My Personal Journey to Creating a Lifestyle Change

When I decided to do this whole “lifestyle change” thing, it was completely for the wrong reasons. I was trying to incorporate better habits, meditate, workout, make myself pray to God, and change some of my bad habits into better ones because I saw somebody else doing it. It was, honestly, putting me into a depressed state of mind. It wasn't until

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