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The Importance of Remaining Mindful in the Workplace

After graduating, many of us land in jobs simply because we just want to find something with reliable income. Personally speaking, after graduating from University with Social Science degree, I landed a job in the tech start-up world. There isn’t a correlation with what I studied in Uni and what I do on a day-to-day in my role, however remaining open-minded, objective and challenging myself on a daily basis has turned me into a mindful worker. The importance I want to highlight in this post is

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Resistance Band Exercises to Shape Your Lower Body

The top reason being people fail to accept the change mentally before they do the work, so although you may have signed up for a 1 year contract at Goodlife, you need to be ready to get up at least 3x a week and actually workout. I’m not writing this to remind you about what you haven’t done, but I do want to

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3 Ways I Improved My Self-Love through Exercise

We often think of exercise as a means to get in better physical shape, lose/gain weight or stress management. It had never dawned on me how much exercise was pouring into and enriching my life through the enhancement of my sense of self and improving my confidence. I was starting to experience the cliche things they say about exercise as far as endorphin release and less stress, but I really started to notice subtle improvements in my personal life. Little did I know that within this new fitness journey, I was starting to develop a healthy pattern of self-care.

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