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Saving Melanin- How to Stay Moisturized and Energized for the Summer!

Proper skincare is an essential component to making this summer one of your best yet. I was going with the “Black Don’t Crack” method of thinking when it came to my skin. However, as I am reminded on a weekly basis from Jade and Keia of Gettin Grown Podcast, “Your Black will crack if it’s dry.” I considered my skin to be healthy

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Sis, It's Summer, Enjoy It!

Summer has officially come knocking at our doors. The weather has warmed up a lot more, it’s longer days, and it seems to be fewer responsibilities that somehow makes summer, the season of romance. Well for some of us, we’re single, so romance is out of the window. And of course, you don’t want to sit at home all summer moping around, or doing small simple dates by yourself. So I say, grab your girls up, and complete a summer list of 8 things to do:

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How To Maximize Your PTO

The music, the festivals, the energy to live and thrive in your element unapologetically are all working together to make this summer one for the books. This summer, we all want to live our best lives which means that we may have to plan some time off from work to fully enjoy ourselves. In order to enjoy all that the summer has to offer, you have to properly plan out your paid time off (PTO) and money to make sure you that you can fully enjoy your summer.

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