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Spring Cleaning: Feng Shui Your Home to Manifest Your Desires

Spring is a time for mother nature to start fresh but it can also be a time for you to start anew and realign your energies. In January you probably made a ton of New Year’s Resolutions about the goals you wanted to achieve and the kind of life you want to create for yourself, right? Spring is a great time to

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4 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Mind and Experience Peace Right Away

Our minds are the center of everything we do, and our attitudes, thoughts, and actions flow from it. If our minds are cluttered with unnecessary “stuff,” we can find ourselves stressed out, anxious, tired, and overwhelmed. On the flip-side, de-cluttering our minds can lead to peace and contentment in our hearts. If you struggle with any of the things

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The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Guide: Clean Your Space in One Day

With Spring officially here, it is now the time to give your place a deep-clean. If you can afford it, using apps like TaskRabbit are an ideal way to get all the cleaning out the way in a few hours while you focus on other things. If using a cleaning service is out of your budget (or you simply want to do it yourself), here is a guide to

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