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I Gave Up Coffee for a Week…Here’s What I Learned

I wouldn’t go to the extremity of saying I have a coffee addiction, but I will say I’ve gotten to a point where it’s become a regular part of my morning routine. In all honesty, I’m not 100% sure if it’s gotten to this point because I genuinely like coffee or simply like the idea of starting my morning with a cup of caffeine (preferably is a cute coffee cup).

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How to Motivate Yourself to be Active This Summer

I love being home. I like sitting on my couch, watching Netflix and doing absolutely nothing. This is who I have been lately, and it was fine during the winter and spring; but, now it’s summer and it’s time to get and be social. This summer, I’m determined to say “goodbye” to my homebody ways and

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4 Practical Reasons Why Christians Should Prioritize Their Health

Christians sometimes have a tendency to magnify the spiritual and minimize the natural. However, our mental and physical health is just as important to God as our spiritual well being. Each of us has been given a gift. Our entire being - body, soul, and spirit - comes from God and should be effectively stewarded. If we place more attention on one aspect of our being and neglect the others, it throws us off and prevents us from experiencing true wholeness.

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