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A Talk With Kara-Simone Craig: On Why Self-Love is Key to Finding Purpose and Success

You know how sometimes you get caught up scrolling through Instagram and then come across a random girl’s page, who’s page you can’t help but look at because she’s so fabulous? Well, Kara-Simone Craig is one of those women and that’s exactly how I stumbled across her.

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Defining Self-Love All 2019

Over the course of 2018 and going into 2019, I have been seeing an outpouring of #selflove articles or self-love quotes. You know, the ones that have you looking at your phone screaming “YASS SIS!” or “THAT is a WORD!” Trust me, I’ve been that woman scrolling through all of the self-love Instagram accounts mentally stimulating my brain on feel-good texts and saving relatable memes. As women, we

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3 Ways I Improved My Self-Love through Exercise

We often think of exercise as a means to get in better physical shape, lose/gain weight or stress management. It had never dawned on me how much exercise was pouring into and enriching my life through the enhancement of my sense of self and improving my confidence. I was starting to experience the cliche things they say about exercise as far as endorphin release and less stress, but I really started to notice subtle improvements in my personal life. Little did I know that within this new fitness journey, I was starting to develop a healthy pattern of self-care.

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