Working Out with Your Girls: Establishing Accountability Partners in Different Locations

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Working Out with Your Girls: Establishing Accountability Partners in Different Locations

By: Janae Deshanelle

Be honest with yourself, you may have always wanted your dream body but have never actually done anything about it. Working out on a consistent schedule can sometimes be a drag, especially when working out alone. You have to get up, find comfortable clothes, good supportive sneakers and the motivation to actually go to the gym. You might be one of those people who have a fear of going to the gym alone or would not like to pay for a personal trainer, that’s okay!

Luckily, working out does not always mean doing the work by yourself. Gather a group of your girlfriends and become each other’s accountability partners. With the technology we have now, it’s even possible to have your friend be an accountability partner from another city or state!

Here’s how you can establish accountability partners -

Step one: Gather a solid group of girlfriends (number of people does not matter) and make a group chat.

Step two: Pick out all the times during the day where each friend has free time. Free time can be anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours a day. If your schedules do not correlate perfectly that is just fine.

Step three: Come up with a workout regimen. Whether it be legs on Monday, core on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday, make sure to be consistent and come up with an easy schedule to follow and what exercises will be done on certain days.

Step four: If you are in the same town or city, meeting up during free time works out very well. If not, FaceTime and phone conversations are great alternatives.

During the selected times, make sure to keep in contact with your friend(s) and be accountable for each other during workout time. If the workout times between friends do not correlate then send a quick text or voice note of some encouraging words to let them know you are there for them and they will complete the designated workout.

Ever since my friends and I started using this workout plan it has been extremely fun. We use FaceTime during certain workouts and send pictures in the group chat every time we completed an exercise. It became a great way for all of us to relieve stress and focus our minds on the positivity of getting our bodies right. If going to the gym is not your thing taking different classes such as kickboxing, yoga or spinning is also a great idea to do with your girlfriends.

Believe me, it works! As a college student my friend group is all mixed up. I have some people who live in different states, even different time zones. We make time for working out and of course everyone’s schedule can change at any moment. But as long as everyone is consistent and you keep each other motivated, working out will seem like less of a challenge and more of a fun group activity.