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Love In Action

God’s love for us definitely sets the tone for how we should love and interact with not only people who are easy to love but also those who are challenging to love. I know how hard it is to show that rude supervisor or classmate the love that God shows me. I have to constantly put myself in check to make sure that I am being the best ambassador for God that I can possibly be in order to draw more people near Him.

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The Journey To Nineveh: When God Tells You To Move, Move!

We often struggle with accepting God’s call to surrender and move according to His will. It may be fear that causes us to ignore it, or it may be that we do not think we are qualified. However, the ideas that pop up in our heads to start a business, go into ministry, or move to other  countries were not placed their by mistake. Our God is a strategic and resourceful God. He will use everything you have and everything you have been through to fulfill the purpose He has for your life. If you keep running from purpose, it may have major consequences.

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How to Stay Content After Graduation

Many of your friends are posting and talking about their plans after school. One of them is moving to a new country, another joined a volunteer organization, someone else is going back to school. Everyone seems to be so sure about exactly what they are doing, and maybe you are somewhere in between them all. No matter where you fall in this,

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