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During our February 2019 challenge, we worked to identify what self love is, and discussed various tools on how to strengthen it.

21 Days of prayer devotional

Refocus your mind and faith with our 21 Days of Prayer workbook. Features a prayer for every aspect of your life and a section to reflect.

90 Day devotional (genesis - 1 chronicles)

In this month’s study, we reviews Genesis - 1 Chronicles as apart of our “Bible in 90 Days” challenge.


Life gets hectic, but with our goal tracker it can get a little more organized. Use this tracker to give your passions and goals a roadmap that you can utilize to accomplish the needed steps. 

Designed by our supporter, Morgan Davis, Founder of Distinctly Creative

2018 3 - Day Fasting Guide & WoRKSHEETS

For three days, Twenty Somethin' & Black went through a fast where we abstained from all/certain foods and don't listen to secular music. In order to hear His voice, we have to strive to open our ears and free ourselves from distraction. The following guide is designed to help educate you on what fasting is, the types of fasting you can do, and provide you with the tools to prepare properly. We’ve also included daily worksheets to felt reflect during this time.

Help, I Don’t Trust God

In this month’s study, we explored the book of Numbers. We all experience moments when we find ourselves feeling forgotten by God, as if he’s not paying attention to our problems. But is he really ignoring us when we are the ones responsible for those problems?

How’s Your Soil Looking: Building on Firm Foundation

In this month’s study, we identified if our soil was “planting ready”. Meaning, taking a critical look at our foundation and ensuring that we are spiritually prepared for what God has in store for our lives. Are there areas that have to get cut away (friendships, habits, mindsets)? Do you need to be totally uprooted from the soil you’re in now and replanted into a new foundation? We’re going to talk about it.